Enjoying your Cynthia’s Princess Purse®, Castle Hatbox and Gift Card

Cynthia’s Princess Purse® is a companion for life, a delight in youth and a treasure which increases in dearness over time.

Each Cynthia’s Princess Purse® is given a first name and by providing her with a middle name which is special to you, she will become uniquely yours. A friend to accompany you throughout your day, she may act as a purse to carry with you or she may ornament your dresser, holding jewelry, a bottle of perfume or other esoteric treasures.

Your Princess will return the favor of your affection by sharing Castle Hatbox (sold separately) with you. The hexagonal sides of the box have been left blank for you to affix images of yourself, your family and friends, or things that you admire, such as gardens, musical instruments, among others. Using your imaginative talents and creativity, you may also draw or paint directly on the sides of Castle Hatbox.  Castle Hatbox is a wonderful place to store hats, scarves, gloves, letters, jewelry or other special treasures.

The Gift Card (included) encourages carrying not only physical objects in your Cynthia’s Princess Purse®, but intangible attributes, including warmth, friendship and a feeling of joy in the tapestry of life. Special pages on the gift card are reserved as a place for the gift giver and the recipient to write in qualities which are particularly meaningful to each of you... and if you have purchased Cynthia’s Princess Purse® as a gift for yourself, all the better!