A Unique and Innovative Design


Cynthia’s Princess Purse®

Stands Alone



Dear Readers,


I am pleased to introduce to you Cynthia’s Princess Purse®, an innovative, unique and charming purse in the figure of a young princess, the skirt being the purse, opening through the bustle.


Born of a desire to add a note of grace and beauty to life, the innovative and ingenious design accommodates not only a young lady’s tangible objects, but also encourages her to carry positive attributes with her at all times. Cynthia’s Princess Purse® provides a gift card with examples of such attributes, including warmth, friendship and a feeling of joy in the tapestry of life. Special pages on the gift card are reserved as a place for the gift giver and the recipient to write in qualities which are particularly meaningful to them.


Not a damsel in distress, Cynthia's Princess Purse® stands alone as a Princess for our times and all times, encouraging self reliance, compassion for others and a sense of connection through the thread which binds us all.


Cynthia's Princess Purse® is proudly handmade in the U.S.A. for ladies of all ages.  


With Warmest Wishes,





U.S. Patent D664,770

It’s a Purse....

It’s a Jewelry Case...

...It’s that very special hiding place!